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Fees* and Description of Sessions


1.5 hr


This is a detailed interview which provides the basis for therapy. By the end the patient/client will know if their problem is suitable for CBT and or some of the emerging therapies for working with Trauma/Complex PTSD. if so,  a formulation of the interactions between thoughts, emotions and behaviour will be developed. They should also gain an understanding of what will be involved in their therapy. This is also an important time for the establishment of a good therapeutic relationship

Therapy Session

1 hr


The therapy sessions are structured with a mutually agreed agenda set at the beginning. This will always include the review of any 'homework' set in the previous session as well as discussion of ongoing problems and achievements.

*Fees include time spent:

preparing sessions, correspondence and phone calls with patients between sessions, photocopying and production of materials for use in the sessions.

Report Writing - £80 per hour

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